Salary Advance

Salary Advance

Salary Advance, as a type of loan, is meant to meet Staff or employee’s financial need before the end of the month. It is meant to quickly address domestic/personal matters. The amount obtainable is 50% of the employee’s Salary at the end of the month.

However, we will prefer to deal with Companies /Organizations on this matter as the signature of the HCM unit will be required among other things before money is disbursed.

Why Us?

  • Providing property purchase and construction opportunities for self use.
  • Providing a 10 to 25year micro-mortgage scheme for members.
  • Providing real estate and other investment opportunities for collective gain.
  • Providing investment (real estate inclusive), entrepreneurial and other life enhancing training to members at our monthly meetings.
  • Always providing well-researched and negotiated clusters of landed properties which members can buy; and also assisting in developing into mini-estates while providing other services as may be required, e.g. access to mortgage facilities below the market rate building materials, etc.
  • Providing opportunities for members to borrow for growth in their business
    operations through our well-structured and professionally managed thrift in association with participating Micro-Finance Banks. 20% of our fund at any time is made available for our thrift operation.
  • Investing our collective monthly contributions regularly and distributing
    30% of surplus (gain or profit) annually as dividend on a prorated basis.



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