Consumer Loan

consumer loan

A consumer loan is one availed to full time employees of companies to enable them improve their standard of life and living. It is available for the purchase of home assets such as generators, refrigerators, air-conditioners, settees, washing machines, etc.

The facility must be guaranteed by the respective employer and repayment must be by monthly deduction from the employee’s salary. The employee must be a confirmed staff of the company and total deductions must not be in excess of 50% of his net pay.

Also the company must be a preferred company with reputation for honouring obligations and must itself have being in business for not less than three (3) years.

However, we can accept members who are self employed but they must be able to demonstrate or show a consistent repayment source such that fluctuations in their business will not affect payment of their rentals.

Why Us?

  • Providing property purchase and construction opportunities for self use.
  • Providing a 10 to 25year micro-mortgage scheme for members.
  • Providing real estate and other investment opportunities for collective gain.
  • Providing investment (real estate inclusive), entrepreneurial and other life enhancing training to members at our monthly meetings.
  • Always providing well-researched and negotiated clusters of landed properties which members can buy; and also assisting in developing into mini-estates while providing other services as may be required, e.g. access to mortgage facilities below the market rate building materials, etc.
  • Providing opportunities for members to borrow for growth in their business
    operations through our well-structured and professionally managed thrift in association with participating Micro-Finance Banks. 20% of our fund at any time is made available for our thrift operation.
  • Investing our collective monthly contributions regularly and distributing
    30% of surplus (gain or profit) annually as dividend on a prorated basis.



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