Front Load Washing Machine (10.2Kg)


The Haier Thermocool Front Load Washing Machine (10.2Kg) has increased efficiency, reduced noise and longer lifetime.

The Haier Thermocool Front Load Washing Machine (10.2Kg) has increased efficiency, reduced noise and longer lifetime


“Power“ button: Press this button to switch on, the machine. Press it again for about 2 seconds to switch the machine off. If no panel element or programme is activated after a while, the machine will shut down automatically.

Start/Pause“Function: No pPress this button to start or interrupt the currently displayed programme.

Function buttons: The function buttons enables you select additional customized options on the wash programme menu before the wash cycle begins. The LED indicators come up beside whichever program is selected. By switching off the appliance, all options are disabled and you can select a new program of your choices.

“Temp.“ Function: You can determine how hot or cool you want the laundry water to be by using the “Temp.“ button. If no value is illuminated, the water would remain at room temperature.

Spin speed Function: Use this function to select or change how much faster or slower you want your laundry.

“Extra rinse“ Function: Specially designed our consumers with extra sensitive skin and infants, this function allows you rinse the laundry more intensely with fresh water. One or two additional rinse cycles are available.

“Delay” Function: Let your machine know when u want it to start and end washing the laundry using this function. End time delay could be increased in steps of 30 minutes from 0,5-24h. For example display of 6:30 means end of programme cycle will be in 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Child lock Function: You can protect your home and laundry with the child lock function that freezes all buttons on the machine so it cannot be machine cannot be opened or the programmes selected cannot be changed.

“LED Indicators: The LED indicators light up when the corresponding function/programme is activated.

N.B: If a button has multiple options, the desired option can be selected by pressing the button sequentially.
To delete the setting or to cancel the setting process, press the function button until the desired LED light switches off.

To get best results in each programme Haier Thermoccol washing machines have well defined specific default settings. If there is no special requirement for your laundry, default settings are recommended.

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