…nothing does it like collective effort.

Good people work hard, Great people work smart but Geniuses NETWORK!

Here is a body that has the capacity to bring greatness out of you, berthed on the simple but powerful co-operative concept. People from our part of the country have a proverb that says:

A tree does not make a forest.

Ever heard the story of the broom stick versus the broom bunch? If given a portion to sweep, while it may take forever employing the services of a broom stick, you will be through in a jiffy if the broom bunch is applied.

It is noteworthy therefore that the difference here is just in numbers and nothing more. The bunch is only made up of similar sticks and together, a common purpose is achieved. That is what this initiative represents and I think you are blessed to be reading about it now.

Nothing does it like Collective Effort

The world as we have come to know it derives meaning from the interrelated chain of events, associations and collaborations, the act of doing things together with people of like minds to give more meaning to life.

We have conducted series of research work on the effectiveness of co-operative societies and how they can be used for the common good of members. We are over with theoretical and impracticable researches; here is the outcome of four years of research and thousands of personal and company funds on a platter of gold. What you now do with it is subject to your decision, but if you may allow me, I will advise you to read this up and take an immediate action for or against it. We however hope your action will be in the affirmative.

The Cooperative commenced operations in July 2007, and it is licensed by the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives

Approved Loans
Rent Loans
Our Overriding Objectives

To help members become Landlords by:


Real Estate Acquisition

Providing property purchase and construction opportunities for self use

Mortgage Scheme

Providing a 10 to 25year micro-mortgage scheme for members

Investment Opportunities

Providing real estate and other investment opportunities for collective gain


Providing investment (real estate inclusive), entrepreneurial and other life enhancing training to members at our monthly meetings.

Real Estate Research

Always providing well-researched and negotiated clusters of landed properties
which members can buy; and also assisting in developing into mini-estates while providing other services as may be required, e.g. access to mortgage facilities below the market rate building materials, etc.

Loan Opportunities

Providing opportunities for members to borrow for growth in their business
operations through our well-structured and professionally managed thrift in
association with participating Micro-Finance Banks. 20% of our fund at any time is made available for our thrift operation.


Investing our collective monthly contributions regularly and distributing 30% of surplus (gain or profit) annually as dividend on a prorated basis.
Longterm Objective

As we have started in Lagos we are poised to acquire large expanse of land to be developed into well organized residential estates all over the federation starting with Lagos for members first and interested non-members at a premium. The estates shall be managed by property managers appointed by the co-operative society.

Also, we have interesting financing options for members to enable them pay for homes of their choice, leveraging on our relationship with financial institutions.


In summary, we are a house-ownership actualization and investment society using the power of co-operative and thrift.